Wednesday, November 12, 2014

What I'm Loving Right Now

Hi everyone! This is my current  "love list."

I love love love me some coffee. A lot of it. So, my saving grace (besides Jesus ;)) is acv. I take a shot of this every morning to help alkalize my body from all the coffee I feed it.

For some reason, my lips are really sensitive, and if I use certain types of soap, moisturizers, or lip balm on my face and lips, I'll end up with sores near my lips, or really cracked, dried out lips, so this stuff is the best for me to ensure that that doesn't happen!

After using disposable diapers for three plus years, I switched to cloth. Pain? Kind of. Easy? Kind of. Does it save you money? Definitely!

Oh how I love thee! You have got to try the shower power Nair stuff for your bikini line! You'll never shave again! (But be careful! It can burn like a mother if you get in certain, ahem, areas. Trust me. I know this by experience! :))

In need of a great community? In need of a great Bible study? In need of those things but need them to be easily accessible and not too time-consuming? Look no further than She Reads Truth

Again, looking for an amazing, life-giving, God-breathed community & resources? This is the place to go! I am proud to call myself a Thrive Mama!
OK, ladies (& gents, if there are any reading this very feminine post! :)) what are you loving right now?! Comment below!

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